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What is a MUCK?

"MUCK" is a play on the word "MUD" which is a term for a text-based online game in which players can explore a virtual universe by inputting text commands, and fight computer controlled monsters as well as human controlled players.

MUDs are the early precursors to the Massively-Multiplayer Online Role Playing (MMORPG) games of today, and MUCKs diverged from MUDs as well, during the early days of MUDing.

The first and most important difference between MUCKs and MUDs, is that MUCKs have eliminated the various computer controled monsters and game tasks, and focused strictly on environments in which humans can find and interact with eachother.

Although many interesting computer controlled puzzles and environments still exist in MUCKs, their primary purpose is to provide a relaxing, and inspiring place for interpersonal communication. MUCK Listing

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